Course Syllabus

Mrs. Bienvenu____                            Course Information                              7th Grade Math            

            Welcome to 7th grade math.  This year you will develop knowledge and understanding of math through collaboration, problem solving, and real-life applications.  We hope to provide you with a positive learning experience, a place where you feel comfortable and excited to explore math.


Our goals for you include:

  • Communicate mathematics
  • Use problem solving techniques
  • Become a confident mathematician
  • Value math



Absence and Tardy Policy:

            Absent- It is your responsibility to obtain missed notes and materials when you are absent, you can get theses from a teammate or from the class notebook which you can get from me.  For missed homework assignments see the calendar in the back of the room.  If you have any questions regarding your work please ask a teammate or see me before or after school or at lunch. Feel free to politely email me for missed work.  PLEASE realize you are NOT just missing homework, you MUST make up class work too!

Tardy- You are responsible for getting yourself to class on time.  Please watch your time wisely during passing periods.  See the school tardy policy in the student handbook.         


Grading Policy:

Grades are posted online through Infinite Campus.   Final grades should never be a surprise!  The following specifies what will be included in your final grade.


            Classwork / Team Work               25%      (this includes grades for your notebook)

            Homework                                 25%

            Individual Tests and Quizzes         50%     


Late Work Policy:

            If students do not hand work in on the due date they will receive 50% of the grade assigned.  I hand out 1-2 late coupons each quarter, this is good for turning one assignment in one day late and receiving full credit.



            I believe notebooks are a big part of success in math.  I want you to be able to use it wisely for homework and to study for tests, not just a place to write stuff and never look at it again.   I will be checking it once per chapter.  It is important you keep your binder up-to-date and organized.  You will be graded on the completion and effort of answers to essential questions, classwork, and notes and also organization.



            We will be working in groups, which means I expect you to fulfill a job and be part of a team.  You will be talking about your understanding of concepts, listening to others, and helping one another.   Please make sure you also communicate with me if you are having problems in your group or in the class in general.  Group work is also called collaboration, which is a skill you will most likely need for the rest of your life.



Homework is not necessarily material that we just learned, most homework problems are review from previous chapters or previous year.  You are expected to maintain understanding of prior knowledge or know where you can find the knowledge you need. The CPM website,, is a great tool to use if you are stuck on your homework.


Getting help:

If you are struggling with something in math don’t wait, come see me right away.  Concepts often build on one another so don’t put it off.  I am available most days before and after school and during lunch,  just let me know when you are coming so I am in my room!



Mrs. Bienvenu:  E-mail:     

Phone: 970-833-7200 ext. 3263


*** Parents-  Please spend some time on .  This will be a great resource for you as you help your student throughout this year.  

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