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Giuliani Homepage

Mr. Giuliani

8th Grade Science, Structural Engineering and Health

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Hello! My name is Steve Giuliani and I've been teaching science since 2002. I have been at WMS since 2008. I'm a firm believer that science is everywhere around us and that students learn well through observation, natural curiosity, and inquiry. When not at school, my family and I spend lots of time outdoors exploring the natural world and its wonders.  

I'm also an avid xeric gardener and have worked with students to help create the xeric garden immediately adjacent to the old building along Main Street.  If you have any plant questions about what is growing out there, please ask! 

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8th Grade Science

8th Grade Structural Engineering Q1

8th Grade Structural Engineering Q3

8th Grade Structural Engineering Q4

8th Grade Health Quarter 2



CU Academy is for students with D's and F's in core content areas and for students who need extra help or make-up work from an absence.


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