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7th Grade Social Studies and Contemporary World Issues

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Welcome to 7th grade at Windsor Middle School!  I started teaching at WMS in 2005 after earning a bachelor's degree in history and a master's in educational leadership from Colorado State University.  If you would like to know more about my colleague Chicken Doorstop and his fascinating life story, click here.  

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7th Grade Social Studies

    • In Colorado, 7th grade social studies is focused primarily on the Eastern Hemisphere.  We look at the various regions through the perspectives of history, geography, economics, and civics to provide an overview of the land and cultures found there in the past as well as the present. 
    • In addition to helping students to better understand the people who share the planet with them and develop important thinking skills, this course provides a base of knowledge required for success in high school.  As freshmen, students can take World Geography or they can opt for Advanced Placement Human Geography, both of which go deeper into some of the ideas introduced in 7th grade.  As sophomores, they will enroll in World History or AP World History.  Students who are active participants in 7th grade social studies at WMS have an advantage in all of these courses with a foundation of knowledge and skills to help them be successful.

Does this sound like a lot to do?  Absolutely!  Students work hard and learn a lot during these few months as they are introduced to our fascinating and complex world.

  • Click here to see the back to school night brochure with an overview of the class.
  • We transitioning to the new 2020 Colorado Academic Standards.  You can read all about them here


Contemporary World Issues

  • Contemporary World Issues is a quarter-length academic enrichment class at WMS.  Students will investigate and analyze what is happening in today’s world. This includes important news from the Eastern Hemisphere to support students' learning in 7th grade social studies.  Of course, we will talk about important stories throughout the world as they come up.  This class will feature a wide ranging view of major current events, their historical roots, and potential consequences with emphasis on discussion, research, and presentations. 



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