Showing and Comparing Fractions: Sessions 2-7

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View the following materials and complete the student book pages. Take notes in your math notebooks on anything you feel is important to remember. 




Click on the Study Jams image below to take you to the session on equivalent fractions. Make sure that you first click on the Step-by-step icon. Within the step-by-step, make sure to do the "home," "watch out," and "try out." Once you've complete all three, then you exit and take the Study Jams test. 




*Show your work on EVERY problem.

*When you're finished with a page, go back and correct your work with a colored pen.

*Do not copy the answers directly from the answer key before giving your best effort first.

*Write neatly so that I can follow your work. 

Note: You are also welcome to use any of the following online Fraction Tools to help you with both the student book pages AND the Quiz. 

General Tools for Fractions 
Fractions by Math learning Center (Tool)
Geoboard by Math Learning Center (Tool)
Number Frames by Math Learning Center (Tool)
Fraction Bars by Math Playground (Tool: Great for showing equivalent fractions)
Fraction Bars - (Tool: Great for working with mixed numbers)
Fraction Tiles - ABC Ya (Tool: Digital Manipulatives)
Egg Cartons by teacherlink (Tool)

Student Book Pages:

p. 252 Answer Key

p. 253: Answers will vary

p. 254 Answer Key

p. 255 Answer Key

p. 256: Answers will vary

p. 260 Answer Key

p. 261 Answer Key

p. 262 Answer Key

p. 263 Answer Key

p. 264 Answer Key

p. 265 Answer Key

p. 266 Answer Key

p. 267 Answer Key




*Do your work on a separate sheet of paper during the quiz. 

*The quiz is open note, so you can go back and look at your notes, student book, or re-watch portions of the videos above to help you solve the problems. 

*You must miss no more than one question in order to move on. 


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