Sessions 1-3: Plot Graphs and Data Analysis

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View the following Videos and materials. Once you understand the concepts, complete the workbook pages. If you get stuck, go back and view the videos. Once you have completed the workbook pages, check them against the answer keys. Then you're ready for the quiz!



 Now do the Step by Step on Study Jams. Be sure to quiz yourself on Study Jams after you do the Step by Step. Then you'll be ready for the real quiz. 

Link to Step by Step with Study Jams



The video below is a review for factors and multiples in case you forgot. You'll need it for workbook page 236. 

Workbook pages:


p. 236 Answer Key (review of factors, multiples and prime numbers)

p. 237 Answer Key

p. 238 Answer Key

p. 239 Answer Key

p. 240 Answer Key


Now that you've checked all of your workbook pages with a colored pen, you're ready to take the quiz. Remember that the quiz is open-note, open-material, so you can go back and view anything in this module (or your notebook or matchbook) to help you answer the questions. 

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