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Mrs. Gomora
6th grade Science and Intro. to Science Careers
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Mrs. Gomora's Bio 

 Welcome! I am Mrs. Gomora (formerly, Ms. Selkirk) and I am so excited to be starting my third year at Severance Middle School this fall. Middle school is such a wonderful time for students, and I am lucky to be able to see them come in as 6th graders. This year I am able to focus on four core science classes and one introduction to science careers elective. There is so much that is interesting and fun that we will learn about together!

When I'm not learning or teaching I like to spend time with my husband, two boys, dogs and our hedgehog. We find adventures as often as possible and always come back with a great story.


6th Grade Science 

 6th grade science is so much fun! We get to spend our year learning about physical science, life science, earth systems and the solar system! We will have many great experiments and computer simulations this year to learn about all of these things. Your students will come home excited about science and wanting to learn more!

IIntro. to Science Careers

 This quarter long elective will give students an opportunity to spend a few weeks learning about careers they might pursue that involve science. Science careers can appeal to many different types of learners and we hope this class will spark some interest that may lead students toward a future career!


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