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Janny McKenzie
Resource Teacher
Best times to contact me: 7:45-8:00, 11:15-12:00, 2:50-4:00
970.686.8500  ext. 2243
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Skyview School of STEM is the best place to teach!  I teach in the Resource Room, working with students with learning differences.  My first years at Skyview came after I received my degree from UNC and spent 3 years teaching in Southeast Colorado.  I finished my master’s degree in the spring of ’82 and then came to be part of the first staff at Skyview when it opened in the fall of 1982.  I taught special education for 8 years, then spent 7 years with 4th and 5th graders, followed by 4 more years teaching half time special education.   I took an 8 year break, came back to teaching and was at Skyview again by 2010.  

My own children attended Skyview—my oldest from pre-school-5thgrade and my youngest from kindergarten-5th grade.  They are now off on their own, benefitting from the great start they got here.   I love to travel and do outdoor activities in the mountains with my husband.  I also like to read, sew, cook, and garden.  I have a little Morkie dog, Daisy Mae, who helped my husband make it through tough health times and the three of us like to take walks and play ball together.

I love working with kids who have difficulties, especially the “light bulb” moments when they conquer the task that has been hard for them.


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