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Kendra Jacoby
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Kendra Jacoby has been an elementary teacher at Skyview School of STEM since 2000.  She obtained her BA at Mesa State College in 1988 returning to school to gain her Colorado State Teaching licensure in 1999 from Regis University.  In 2010, Ms. Jacoby obtained her Master’s degree in Gifted and Talented Education from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC).  In 2013 she transitioned into two part-time positions teaching in the gifted and talented program as well as a self-contained behavior management classroom (SOAR).  She became one of 24 K-12 teaching professionals in the inaugural statewide group to start a Roots & Shoots Service Learning Project through The Jane Goodall Foundation. This became the foundation for teaching environmental and agricultural education to the students at Skyview.  In 2014 she became one of Skyview’s STEM Coordinators that enabled the school to focus on environmental learning and agriculture and the impacts they have on our school and the community.  She was awarded the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Agriculture award for the State of Colorado.  Her hobbies are spending time with her four boys and husband Dave as well as swimming, running, biking, sewing and reading.




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