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A Project Based Learning Community
Tammy Randle
K-2 Gate/Enrichment
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If you would like information and a visual look at Enrichment/GATE services please go to this enrichment link!                                                   

Teacher Shortened Bio

 I love, love teaching this class and so enjoy  creating new and innovative projects based on interests and ideas from the students!  So no two years will look alike!  I've been teaching a variety of subjects over the many years--- (H.S.-PE, Drama, Dance, History, Pre-school, Teen Moms. Family Literacy, and 2nd Grade!! )  All  those experiences plus being a mom to four wonderful grown children have given me the awesome resources to pull from!  This will be my 4th year teaching Enrichment/Gate at Tozer and I attend Gate conferences each year and collaborate with district Gate teachers to provide the most current assessments and best practices.




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