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Mr. N

Special Education Resource

6th, 7th & 8th grades

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Students will see me in multiple contexts this year. One role will be as a co-taught 8th Grade Math teacher, another is as an Intervention Math teacher for all three grades. My third role, which is new to our building this year, is as the Centralized Case Manager, working with and for all students that are on an IEP at Windsor Middle.

As a co-taught teacher, I am there to support every student's learning in that class. As an Intervention teacher, my focus is two-fold. My first focus is to help students "fill in" their personal learning gaps, with the goal of their being better able to access grade level learning and content. My secondary focus is to help support student performance and learning in those co-taught classes, ensuring that they are understanding what is happening there.

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In my Intervention courses, students are expected to be actively engaged in efforts to improve their basic skills, primarily in the area of mathematics. Grading is reported on a pass/fail basis, and a student will need to work very hard at not working to fail the course!


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