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Jaeger Homepage

Mrs. Jaeger 

Inside C & D 7th and 8th Grade Intervention English 

Co-taught 7th and 8th Grade English with Mrs. Jensen and Mrs. Stoudt

Director of the WMS Learning Lab 

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5k Color Vibe run with my son.

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Having fun with my sister, Kelsey. 



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My name is Mrs. Ericha Jaeger. I have been an educator at both the elementary and secondary levels for over 13 years. I have been teaching in the Windsor School District for more than have of those years. Currently, I am teaching Intervention & Core Resource Literacy 7th-8th grade.  I also co-teach with 7th and 8th grade English. I am also the Director of our WMS Learning Lab. The LL supports all of our WMS students and is staffed every section of the academic day.  It is located in the Media Center to ensure direct access to all students, which allows for accommodations to be given and needs to be met.

  I received my Bachelors Degree in Special Education and my Teaching License from the University of Northern Colorado and my Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and a Principal License from Colorado State University. I am a RAMS fan.
Second,  I am an educational consultant for my parent's small veteran-owned business. We support families in the military who have students with disabilities. We support them by utilizing mobile technology to support a quick transfer of educational information and of data during a military deployment or move.  I have traveled throughout the United States promoting the use of this technology. A few years ago I was I spoke at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and recently spoke at the Courage to Risk conference in Colorado Springs. Our team wrote and was awarded a Grant for Windsor High School to support the use of our technology to ensure a successful transition after graduation for young adults with disabilities. I feel honored to work with an amazing team who are always pushing for new and innovative systems of support for individuals with disabilities!
Third, love to exercise and stay healthy. I enjoy working with others who are trying to make lifestyle changes as well.  As a hobby, I am a health and fitness coach. I facilitate both nutrition and exercise accountability groups online. I love coaching cross fit, insanity, and weightlifting groups. :) 

Finally, the best role that I play in my life is being a mother to my two beautiful children. They truly fill my bucket daily and keep me on my toes. They also challenge my 'out of the box' thinking daily. I have two children.  My son Kollin and my daughter Merryn attend Windsor Schools and love school! 
Life does not get any better! I am also a proud military wife and my husband serves in the Air National Guard and Air Force. He works with missile detection and warning with the use of satellite technology.  
We truly are blessed and have a very fulfilling, wonderful and amazingly busy life! I would not change a thing!!! 

Interesting facts about me: 

I grew up a military brat and moved 14 times before I was 18 years old. I love to travel and go on vacation all over the world. The last major trip I took was to Europe and a Caribbean Cruise. 
My favorite hobby is keeping my body healthy and fit by being a health and fitness coach. I love doing Insanity, Yoga,  Zumba, Hip Hop Dancing, Kickboxing, and running. I enjoy running local 5K runs with my kids to benefit our community. 
I am looking forward to a wonderful year full of learning and discovery! Cheers to a happy and healthy school year!!! 

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Inside C - 7th Grade English Intervention 

Inside D- 8th Grade Intervention English

Social Skills/Affective Education 6th-8th

Co-taught English 7th Grade with Mrs. Stoudt

Co-taught English 8th Grade with Mrs. Jensen 

Learning Lab Director 


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