Colberg Dimagiba Homepage

Colberg Dimagiba Homepage

Callie Dimagiba

8th Grade Science, Forensic Science, and Health

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I am excited to be back at Windsor Middle School for another amazing year! I earned my undergraduate degree in English and secondary education from CU Boulder in 2009. After graduation in May, I joined the WMS staff to teach 6th and 8th grade English. Due to some staffing changes, I utilized my pre-med emphasis from college to teach science for the first year in 2013-14, but that doesn't mean I've given up on English! I finished my Master's degree in literacy in June of 2015 and am using this extended training to infuse my room with nonfiction reading and writing. I am also excited to be teaching my academic elective: forensic science where my students become super sleuths to learn about the science behind solving crime.

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8th Grade Science

8th Grade Forensic Science

8th Grade Health

8th Grade Science: This year in science, our focus will be physics. However, we will also look at humans' impact on the environment and how we can make a difference as well as how the relationship between the Earth, moon, and sun causes observable phenomena on Earth like tides and seasons. 


Forensic Science: In this class, students tackle the real-world science of solving crime! We focus on forensic analysis techniques including fingerprinting, blood typing, hair and fiber classification, tire tracks, and more!


Health: This class covers the school-board-selected human growth and development curriculum. This is an abstinence-based curriculum which includes refusal skills, building positive relationships, and a brief portion on sexually transmitted infections.

Grading Policy: 

I use cumulative percentages out of total points rather than weighted categories.

A - 100% - 90%

B - 89% - 80%

C - 79% - 70%

D - 69% - 60%

F - 59% - 0%

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