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Colberg Dimagiba Homepage

Callie Dimagiba

8th Grade Science, Forensic Science, and Health

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I am excited to be back at Windsor Middle School for another amazing year! I earned my undergraduate degree in English and secondary education from CU Boulder in 2009. After graduation in May, I joined the WMS staff to teach 6th and 8th grade English. Due to some staffing changes, I utilized my pre-med emphasis from college to teach science for the first year in 2013-14, but that doesn't mean I've given up on English! I finished my Master's degree in literacy in June of 2015 and am using this extended training to infuse my science classroom with nonfiction reading and writing. I will again be returning to teaching language arts half time in the 2919-2020 school year. I am also excited to be teaching my academic elective: forensic science where my students become super sleuths to learn about the science behind solving crime.

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8th Grade Science

8th Grade Forensic Science

8th Grade Language Arts

8th Grade Science: This year in science, our focus will be physics. However, we will also look at humans' impact on the environment and how we can make a difference as well as how the relationship between the Earth, moon, and sun causes observable phenomena on Earth like tides and seasons. 


Forensic Science: In this class, students tackle the real-world science of solving crime! We focus on forensic analysis techniques including fingerprinting, blood typing, hair and fiber classification, tire tracks, and more!


Language Arts: Language arts focuses on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and research in both the genre of nonfiction and fiction. Students will compare texts to find common themes and examine how stories are structured. 

Grading Policy: 

I use cumulative percentages out of total points rather than weighted categories.

A - 100% - 90%

B - 89% - 80%

C - 79% - 70%

D - 69% - 60%

F - 59% - 0%

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Language Arts


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