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Denise Colberg

6th Grade Language Arts and Speech Communication

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After graduating from the University of South Dakota, I taught English at Yankton Middle School in Yankton, South Dakota. My husband's job then took us to Ames, Iowa, where I worked as a substitute teacher in the public schools and in the athletic department at Iowa State University as a private tutor. After my daughter was born, I decided to stay home for a while. During that time, I stayed busy as a very active community volunteer, by helping out at a children's bookstore, and also by teaching classes through a private program for gifted and talented children. In 1998, I accepted a job at Windsor Middle School, where I teach English and Speech. Since returning to work, I've subsequently earned a Master's degree in literacy.

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Sixth grade English Language Arts focuses on reading, writing, speaking, and listening: the four language skills that are essential for academic and professional success.  A strong command of these skills is vital if students are to become productive members of the 21st century workforce. My goal is to instill in all students a love of reading, an appreciation for good writing, a desire to improve their speaking/listening skills, and a genuine enjoyment for learning in general.

Student who take Speech Communication as one of their academic enrichment classes will concentrate on Standard 1: Oral Expression and Listening. As taken from the Colorado Department of Education's website, students working on Standard 1 will:

Ø  Collaborate effectively as group members or leaders who listen actively and respectfully pose thoughtful questions, acknowledge the ideas of others, and contribute ideas to further the group’s attainment of an objective

Ø  Deliver organized and effective oral presentations for diverse audiences and varied purposes

Ø  Use language appropriate for purpose and audience

Ø Demonstrate skill in inferential and evaluative listening    



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