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I have been teaching GATE at WMS since 1990. My goal is to inspire innovation and empower success through creative endeavors.  Learners will create products using their CQ (curiosity quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and IQ.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy hiking, biking, reading, and writing. I have written a "Food for Thought" column for the Windsor Beacon for over 26 years which allows me to explore flavors and healthy combinations of foods with local flare.  



 Language Arts 6th grade Scholar/learners will communicate information and ideas from various themes by reading, writing, and listening to multiple perspectives.  Learners will need to demonstrate:
●Ability to complete and master challenging course content
●Higher-level thinking skills
●Willingness to take more time and put in effort on assignments
●Active participation and involvement in class
●Contributing to a positive classroom environment
●Independence and self-motivation

Written Work is Thorough, Neat and Prompt
●Provide solid and thorough coverage of the assignment
●Show careful proofreading
●Demonstrate detailed ideas that are challenging, well constructed, and supported
●Attitude is Focused and Directed
●Demonstrate active participation and involvement in the class through questions and comments
●Be dedicated to the positive learning climate in the class
●Display motivation and curiosity to learn and consider material of greater challenge

Ms. Brunner will implement the “Dimensions of Depth and Complexity” differentiation from materials found @ to develop inspire and empower in her LA class.  
*Her LA students will become experts/scholars who can read-write-think as demonstrated in their Stepped up R.A.C.E writing.

  I look forward to fostering the Language Arts skills and curiosity of your child.
Ms. B. 


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