8300-8311-8th Science-Pickle-1

8300-8311-8th Science-Pickle-1


Teacher Bio

 My name is Pam Pickle and I am excited about starting my 31st year of teaching middle school.  I am originally from Oklahoma where I taught for 10 years.  I have been teaching in Colorado for 20 years. My vision/hope for all my students is for them to be compassionate, independent, life-long learners.  That has been my goal since I first stepped into a classroom.

I have many interests which include spending time in nature, rescuing animals, reading, traveling, spending time with friends, and enjoying life.

To be closer to nature and enjoy the mountain experience, I moved to Glacier View Meadows near Red Feather Lakes sixteen years ago.  I love animals and presently have 3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 leopard geckos and several fish. 

One of my personal goals is to travel to all 50 states.  I have been overseas a few times and have traveled to 31 states so far.

Course Outline


  1. Unit Modules for the Year
  • Quarter One:  Scientific Method, Measurement, Earth/Space Science, Weather
  1. Introduction / Expectations / Getting to Know Each Other
  2. Lab: “Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse: Designing and Using Solar Cookers”
  3.      The Sun: The Ultimate Energy Resource
  4. Weather / Climate
  5. Density, buoyancy, temperature, humidity (refer to in Quarter 3 or 4 for Rocketry)


  • Quarter Two:  Ecology, Waves, Energy Resources
  1. Ecology and Human Impact on the Environment
  2. Water Quality and Sources of Pollution
  3. Energy Resources: Renewable / Non-Renewable, Chemical / Physical Change
  4. Waves: Mechanical, EM, Energy travels


  • Quarter Three:  Newton’s Laws of Motion
  1. Three Laws
  2. Car Safety
  3. Speed, Acceleration, Momentum


  • Quarter Four:  Culmination of Year of Study: Motion, Weather, Energy
  1. Rocketry: Applying Weather and Newton’s Laws toward achieving higher apogee
  2. Physical / Chemical Changes
Grading Information

 In science the students will have notebook, daily work, quiz, and test grades.  I grade on total points.  Daily work and notebooks have less total points generally than quizzes and tests, but the final grade is based on percentage of points earned from total.  

I do accept late work.  20% is taken off the first week it is late and 50% is taken off after that.  No late work is accepted the last week of the quarter. 



Weekly Agenda 
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Course Summary:

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