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Mindi Kruger
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About Mrs. Kruger

Hello! My name is Mindi Kruger and I have taught kindergarten at Tozer since 2008! It is my life's passion and calling. I absolutely love watching children learn and strive to provide an environment where students feel safe, loved and enjoy learning. The love for learning I believe starts with parents and teachers and is my ultimate goal for each student.

My husband Monte and I have been married for 22 years and have two daughters. Kelsi is 21 and Landri is almost 19. Both are at FRCC. I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my girls until 2008, while also slowly making my way through college. I graduated from UNC in 2008 with a degree in Education and an emphasis in Spanish. Teaching is new and exciting every day and my students become a part of my heart! I'm always excited to meet new families and form new relationships! Here's to an awesome school year!

Welcome to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is your child's first experience with school. Our goal is to excite students about learning through engaging activities that meet all types of learners including kinesthetic, auditory and visual learners. Tozer is a Project Based Learning school. Project Based Learning revolves around a driving question (guided by students and facilitated by the teacher). There are several components to PBL such as hands on learning, community involvement, and showcasing our work to an audience. We will do three PBL units this year. Two units in the fall and one unit in the spring. Our fall units will include a driving question about harvesting and transportation and our spring unit will focus on our community.
Our Literacy support is through the American Reading Company. Students will focus on letter identification, sight words/power words, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, fluency and writing skills. These skills are taught through small group centers. We will read everyday and have guided reading groups 3 days a week.
Our Math program is Bridges and does a great job with exploration and hands on learning. Students learn through direct instruction as well as through math games that are engaging and fun!
Our Writing time utilizes Step Up to Writing tools and helps students learn effective multi-sensory writing strategies.
Science and Social Studies are supported through Scholastic News and Science Spin and units of study include but are not limited to Five Senses, Harvest, Needs vs. Wants, Holidays, Animals, the sun, the scientific method and much more!

​Our programs are rigorous while also being developmentally engaging and appropriate. We hold the bar high for learners while also providing modifications as needed. All lessons are driven by our Common Core and State standards and we incorporate Learning Targets to help students reflect on their own learning.

Kindergarten is also a time to evolve socially and we feel the social component of kindergarten is as important as the academic. Our Tozer motto is to respect self, others and learning. Students learn how to respect each other by listening when others are talking, helping peers, sharing, and overall treating others as we would like to be treated.

We welcome you and are excited to partner with you in your child's education!

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