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Le Do
5th Grade Teacher
 970-686-8300 ext. 2059
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        I was born in Vietnam outside of Ho Chi Minh City.  My family left the country at the end of the Vietnam War.  We immigrated to the United States to Fargo North Dakota.  Teaching is my second career.  I started out in the Outdoor Retail.  After ten years, I was seeking a new challenge that impacted society in positive ways.   My experiences in the outdoor and guiding High School Student on backpacking trips naturally lead me to teaching.
        My psychology degree from Concordia College in Minnesota and a Master of Education from Regis University have been helpful in my current profession.  The eight years at Mountain View has been a continual learning experience.  The only constants in my life are: things change and as I get older I feel like I know less.  All my experiences have lead me to see people in different ways.  The classroom environment is like the real world.
               1. All students learn differently at different pace.
               2. Fun and learning are not separate.
               3. Taking risks.
               4. Mistakes are steps to success.
Le Do
970-686-8300 ext: 2059

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