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Mrs. Ellen Nettleton

5th Grade

970-686-8600 ext. 2333

Meet Mrs. Ellen Nettleton


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Phone Number: 970-686-8600 ext. 2333


Hi! My name is Ellen Sasaki Nettleton. I have taught 3rd and 4th grade, and this will be my third year of teaching 5th grade. I taught for two years at Mountain View Elementary and transferred to Grandview in 2003. 

I was raised in a farming community in Fruitland, ID. I met my future husband, Randy at Boise State University in Boise, ID. We married and settled in Caldwell, ID to raise our three children, one daughter and two sons. In 1996, my husband's job took the family to Colorado. 

In May 2001, I completed my education at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, CO. I received my bachelor's degree in Social Science, minor in Multicultural Anthropology with an emphasis in elementary education. I completed my masters in reading and literacy from Walden University in May 2007. 

My interests include: 
>enjoying my grandsons,  Eli (6 years old) and Nolan (2 years old). 
>watching movies.
>eating and sleeping. 

If you need to contact me: 
voice mail: 686-8600 ext. 2333



Weld RE-4 School District
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8:05 Morning routine

8:15 Math

8:55 Math Intervention

9:15 Math

9:35 Writing

        Tuesday: Media 9:35-10:20

                       Technology  10:15-10:40

10:20 Writing Intervention

10:40 Specials:

          Red: Music

          White: Art

          Blue: P.E.

11:30 Recess

11:45 Lunch

12:10 Reading

1:15 Reading Intervention

1:45 Recess

2:00 Science/Social Studies

2:55 Dismissal



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