Martinez Math

Martinez Math

Molly Martinez
7th Grade Math 
(970)833-7200 ext. 3243
About me:
READY TO SOAR!  I am a Colorado native and I graduated from UNC Greeley in 2005.  I taught middle and high school math in Texas for 6 years after graduation.  I loved learning a new culture but missed my family and the beautiful Colorado countryside, so in 2012 my family and I decided to move home to Colorado and have been at SMS since 2015.  I love Math and have found through hard work and perseverance that Math can be fun.  I enjoy working with all students and I pride myself in finding new strategies to make Math enjoyable.   
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Course Outline

 The majority of work in our class will be using the CPM curriculum.  The goal of CPM is to "engage all students in learning mathematics through problem solving, reasoning, and communication."  There will also be opportunity for additional practice several times weekly.  

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Grading Information

 Assessments/Test/Quizzes: 70%

There will be many types of assessment throughout each quarter that will fall into this category including typical tests but also team tests projects. The focus of this category is to judge mastery of material at that point.

 Practice : 30%

Homework and classwork will be in this category and will be graded for both participation and accuracy.


Late Work:

 I will accept late work up until the last Friday of the quarter. Up to 50 % will be deducted from grade depending on amount of time past the due date the assignment is turned in.  



Course Summary:

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