Sessions 5 and 6: Multiplication and Division Strategies

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Start by watching the videos below. Make sure to take notes in your math notebook on important concepts and vocabulary. Remember you can always pause the videos and rewind if needed. 




Now, try these problems in your notebook. Use whatever strategy makes sense to you!

1. Michelle went to the movies with her dad and brother. Each of them got a soda $2 and a small popcorn for $4. How much money did they spend?


2. Jon had pizza at his birthday party. His mom ordered 8 pizzas with 8 slices on each pizza. They ate all but 3 slices of pizza. How many slices did they eat?


Now, complete the workbook pages below. When you are FINISHED, use the link to check your work. Correct any mistakes using a colored pencil.

 WB page 9- Answer Key

WB page 10- Answer Key

WB page 11- Answer Key

WB page 12- Answer Key

WB page 13- Answer Key


When your workbook pages are complete, show them to your teacher. Then, you are ready to take the quiz. 

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